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Good gooD

THE GOOD GOODblue-2.png

WE are Ramona, Ramona & Ramona! 


And welcome to our Good Good World! 

So, I, middle Ramona,  started my shop In Atlanta, GA in 2006. I loved selling candles and gifts that were high quality, unique and special.  

I was so into buying candles for myself, it was only natural that given a chance, I would formulate my very own take on the art of candle making & aromatherapy.


 I knew I was onto something when I sold out of my first 3 batches in the lobby of my residence at the time. 

My candles were becoming so popular, thank you GOD, that I provided gifts at several big award shows and fulfilled special orders for iconic legends in music and sports. 

So I vowed that by bringing back the Good Good Shop with Good Good loyal customer favs, I would explore adding other exciting & new products that would fit perfectly into my Good Good moniker and line of products. 

That's when mommy Ramona and baby Ramona joined the company! Now we are family owned and proud.

About the name...

GOOD because we use only the most premium, natural ingredients we can find....and Good because dangit' our candles and fragrances and soaps smell GOOD. That's why we are proud to say, we got that GOOD GOOD, and hope that you get to say it too. 

I Got That Good Good! 

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